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Date: Nov 22, 2006 - 08:31 PM
A True Spiritual View
Israelite Church of God in Jesus Christ Inc.
Writer: Izarya-Nathan

What’s the Real Reason for the Season?

This upcoming so-called holiday season many in the world will continue to be led
astray into believing that Christmas is about Jesus Christ and His birth. The tree
will be put up and decorated, the turkey and the ham prepared, and family members will gather together for yet another round of faking it with each other until dinner is through, all for the sake of the “Christmas spirit”. Do these things have anything to do with the Holy Bible and Jesus Christ? Or do they have everything to do with Satan? Let’s examine the facts of the Bible.

The Birthday of Christ Revealed.

When we read about the early part of the life of our Lord and Savior in Luke 2 and
verse 41, it states that “his parents went to Jerusalem every year at the feast of
Passover”. So this was a yearly custom that Mary and Joseph kept. Passover always
falls at springtime, around March-April. Verse 42 goes on to say “And when he was
twelve years old, they went up to Jerusalem after the custom of the feast”. That
little word “when” is a specific dispensation of time, meaning at that time Jesus
Christ turned twelve. The day that Christ was born is not December 25th, but on the
Passover. This is also the time when the New Year actually starts, not January 1st.
The Lord told the Israelites that the month Abib (spring forth) would be the
beginning of months for them. (Read Exodus 12:1-2, Exodus 13:3-4) Another point has
to be made clear. When you read Luke chapter 2 verses 1-11 it states that shepherds
were watching their flocks by night. Winter season occurs in the land of Israel also
and it gets very cold (Read 1st Chron 11:22). It makes no sense that they would be
outdoors in the dead of winter watching sheep. Someone has been lying!

Let’s Chop Down that Tree!

The Christmas tree is spoken about in the Bible, but don’t get jolly just yet. In
Jeremiah chapter 10 verses 1-5, the Lord told the children of Israel not to follow
the customs of the heathen because they are vain. It also speaks about the evergreen
tree that stands upright and how it was decked with silver and with gold. The Lord
said not to be afraid of them because they can do neither evil nor good. The history
behind all this dates back to the time of Nimrod and the ancient Babylonian Empire.
His mother after his death enforced that all worship the tree because the spirit of
Nimrod was in the tree. The custom was to idolize and worship the tree on his
birthday, December 25th. Nimrod was not a nice guy, but a worshipper of Satan. So
the putting up of a tree at Christmas is a heathenistic and evil custom and goes
directly against the command of God! Now you have been warned.

The Feast of Fools.

Jesus Christ did not teach, practice, or celebrate any of these false holidays in
the world. If you say you love him and celebrate these things, you are a liar and
you are really worshipping the Devil. As a matter of fact, God hates your false
holidays. Amos 5:21-23 states “I hate, I despise your feast days and I will not
smell in your solemn assemblies”, thus saith the Lord. Whether it is Thanksgiving or
Christmas, no matter how hard you pray over the ham, it will not justify you
breaking the laws of God. Remember Matthew 5 verse 17. So now will you continue to
lie to your children about this holiday season? How can you when the facts are
clear. Will you continue to lie about Satan Claws coming down the chimney especially
when some of you don’t even own a chimney? You work hard, break your neck, and don’t
pay your rent to put toys on layaway for your children, just to tell them that the
fat white man you saw in a red suit at the mall gave them those gifts. Now that’s
really childish. The true holidays of God are found in the Holy Bible in Leviticus
the 23rd chapter, Esther the 9th chapter, and 1st Maccabees (Apocrypha) the 4th
chapter. The Feast of Dedication or Hannukah falls in December. This is the time
Israelites should celebrate honoring Christ and giving gifts one to another. Christ
kept this holiday; Read St John 10 verse 22. Will you?

A True Spiritual View
Israelite Church of God in Jesus Christ Inc.
Writer: Izarya Nathan
December 2006 Edition
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